Tourette’s Syndrome

Over 100 years ago, the French physician Georges Gilles de la Tourette wrote an article in which he described nine individuals who, since childhood, had suffered from involuntary movements and sounds and compulsive rituals or behaviors. In his honor, this constellation of symptoms was named Gilles de la Tourette’s Syndrome.

Today, we recognize that Tourette’s is a spectrum disorder, with some people having a few tics and others having tics plus features of other conditions. Once thought to be a rare condition, Tourette’s is a fairly common childhood-onset condition.

Articles Available on This Site:

Overview of Tics and Tourette’s Syndrome
Leslie E. Packer, PhD, 1998  (last updated March 2015)
Extensive  primer on tics and Tourette’s including life span changes, psychosocial consequences, the role of stress, and much more.

Chart of  Common Tics (pdf)
Leslie E. Packer, PhD, 1995 (revised 2000)
A listing of common motor and vocal tics.
(Versión española, pdf)

Tic Awareness Exercise
Leslie E. Packer, PhD, 1998, revised 2010
Parents: try these exercises to increase your awareness. Teachers: there’s an additional exercise for you in the Education section.

Letter to Parents (pdf)
Leslie E. Packer, PhD, 1998 (last revision 2004)
For parents of children newly diagnosed with Tourette’s

“The Animals Inside Me” (pdf)
A poem written by a 9 year-old with Tourette’s Syndrome that can be used as part of peer education or to help you talk with your own child or young patient

Reflections (pdf)
A collection of poetry and creative writing about Tourette’s Syndrome by children and adults. Last revised February, 2006.

Treatment of Tourette’s Syndrome Overview
Leslie E. Packer, PhD (last updated March 2011)
Overview of medications and nonmedication alternatives

Some famous people with TS or OCD
Just for inspiration

Fact Sheet on Tourette Syndrome (pdf)
CDC June, 2014

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Investigators seeking participants. Any study posted on this page has submitted a copy of their Institutional Review Board’s approval for the study, but the investigators are solely responsible for the studies and information is posted on this site only for informational purposes. Last updated October 21, 2014.