Autism Spectrum Disorder

Because there are major changes proposed for the DSM-5 in terms of eliminating the diagnosis of Asperger’s Disorder and replacing the diagnosis of Autistic Disorder with new diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder, a number of articles were removed from this section with the most recent site update. New articles will be added as they become available.

Articles Available on This Site:

Does Eye Contact at Age 2 Predict Social Disability?
NIMH Science Update, October 2008
Abnormal eye contact may help diagnose Autism earlier and may predict social disability

Overview of Asperger’s Disorder
Leslie E. Packer, PhD, 2002 (updated February, 2010)
Brief overview that looks at some of the current research on the source of social impairments in Asperger’s

Overview of Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD)
Leslie E. Packer, PhD, 2004 (updated February 2009)
Profiles of NLD

Nonverbal Learning Disability: How to Recognize It and Minimize Its Effects
Foss, 2001

Strategies to Help Youth with NLD
Leslie E. Packer, PhD, 2004


Listen to the speech of a child with Asperger’s Disorder (External link opens in a new window)
From Dr. Martin Kutscher’s web site