Welcome to Tourette Syndrome “Plus”

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If you are a returning visitor, welcome back! If you are a first-time visitor, an introduction to the concept of “TS+” is in order.

In 1992, after realizing that most of the children I was working with did not have just Tourette’s Syndrome, but also had other disorders such as ADHD or OCD, I coined the term “TS+” to remind parents and educators that many children with Tourette’s Syndrome have features of other disorders that we need to screen for, treat, and/or accommodate. “TS+” is my way of reminding ourselves that not every neurological symptom is due to Tourette’s Syndrome and that we may mislead our children’s teachers if we lump everything under Tourette’s by saying, “That’s part of his/her TS.”

“TS+” is not a diagnosis. It is just a short-hand way of communicating that a child, teen, or adult has more than “just TS.” Over the years, this site expanded to include coverage of the other disorders commonly observed in conjunction with TS. Learning what disorders emerge at what ages and what to “be on the lookout for” can help parents, teachers, and clinicians recognize when symptoms of another disorder may be emerging.