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This site provides a wealth of information on a number of disorders. To help visitors keep current on new research and school advocacy issues, I created a companion site, TSPlusBlog, where you can learn about some of the newest research on the disorders covered on this site. You can also learn what is going on with laws to protect our children and ourselves.   If you haven’t done so already,... (more...)

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If this is your visit to the site, use the menu in the navigation bar at the top of each page to get to the major sections of this site. From there, you will see a menu of articles and files available on each topic. If you are looking for articles on school-related impact of the disorders covered on this site, you will find them in the “School Issues” section of the site. Additional resources... (more...)


Researchers Seeking Teens with Tics Researchers Seeking Teens with Tics

Investigators at the Yale Child Study Center are recruiting teens with tics for a new study on the potential effectiveness of biofeedback in reducing tics.  The purpose of this study is to determine whether individuals can gain control over a region of their brain known as the supplementary motor area when provided with feedback about activity in that brain region, and to investigate if increased control over the brain area translates into an improvement in tic symptoms. Details of the study can... (more...)

New book for your reference shelf on Tourette Syndrome! New book for your reference shelf on Tourette Syndrome!

I am delighted to let everyone know that a new comprehensive book on Tourette Syndrome is available from Oxford University Press.  Sheryl Pruitt and I were honored to be asked to write the chapter for educators.  The book, Tourette Syndrome, is edited by Davide Martino and James F. Leckman. Here is the table of contents: SECTION 1 CLINICAL PHENOMENOLOGY and EPIDEMIOLOGY Chapter 1 Phenomenology of tics and sensory urges: the self under siege James F Leckman, Michael H Bloch, Denis G Sukhodolsky,... (more...)

Don’t forget Executive Dysfunction Goals in the IEP! Don’t forget Executive Dysfunction Goals in the IEP!

It’s annual review time in many school districts throughout the U.S. And while many states now have computerized systems for generating Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), the programs are often sorely lacking in addressing the many kinds of deficits students with Executive Dysfunction (EDF) experience. Remembering that our goal is to prepare the student for independent functioning post-school, it is not enough to lend them our frontal lobes to chunk their work or to prioritize it for... (more...)